Transitional Motions for current courts of the church

Information from David Allen, Remit Implementation Project Leader, regarding motions to ensure an orderly transition to the new council structure.


Grants currently provided by presbyteries and Conferences

Information from Erik Mathiesen, Chief Financial Officer & David Allen, Remit Implementation Project Leader, regarding grants that some presbyteries and some Conferences have been giving to ministries within their jurisdiction.

Transition checklist – Financial

A checklist that commences the preparation for the dissolution of the presbyteries and Conferences.

Transition checklist for Conferences and presbyteries/consistoire/districts

A list of some of the things that need to be done as Conference and presbyteries/consistoire/districts begin to wind down operations in 2018.

Outline for draft proposal to be presented to GC43

Proposal requesting that General Council 43 appoint a commission for each of the regional councils.