•“Welcoming Communities; Developing your own policy statement: Accessibility Standards for Customer Service”

Hamilton Conference, working with London Conference and Toronto Conference, has created this policy statement guideline to assist you in creating your own policy template.

Bill 168 Policies Template

Template of 3 policies required to meet compliance with Bill 168.

3 Template policies_Word 97

3 Template policies_PDF

Preventing and Responding to Incidents Check List

Preventing and Responding to Incidents of Violence or Harassment in the workplace – What the Local Ministry Needs to Do Check List.

Bill 168 Check List _Word 97

Bill 168 Check List _PDF

Holy Manners

Holy Manners: Our Commitment to the Creation of Safe Space

Holy Manners_ Word 97

Holy Manners_PDF

Violence & Harassment Materials Guide

Hamilton Conference Guide for using the violence and harassment materials.

Violence & Harassment Materials Guide _word 97

Violence & Harassment Materials Guide _PDF