Justice and Ecology

Posted on Jan 26, 2013

Suggested resources from the desk of Lorna MacQueen, Minister-Faith Formation for Discipleship:

World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth: http://pwccc.wordpress.com/2010/04/24/peoples-agreement

Interfaith Power and Light: http://interfaithpowerandlight.org. A religious response to Global Warming

Becoming Human: On Theological Anthropology in an Age of Engineering Life: http://www.councilofchurches.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Becoming_Human.pdf. The Canadian Council of Churches. To help us think about modern ethical questions: The use of Stem cells, human cloning, human and earth relationship, GMO.

Greening Sacred Spaces: released by Faith and the Common Good: www.faith-commongood.net/gss. “A Practical Guide to Improving Energy Efficiency of your Religious Buildings.” This resource includes materials on helpful regular building maintenance. It also details a wide range of retrofits that can help save energy, greenhouse gasses, and money. The kit usually sells for around $45.

Eco Curriculum:  If you are looking for a Sunday School or Youth Group curriculum that has an ecological standpoint,  Eco Justice has 66 titles in its data base:  http://www.eco-justice.org/CurricReview.asp  They are of various lengths, some being only one lesson, and some being an entire curriculum.  Many are 4-8 sessions in length. The site includes reviews of the noted curricula.

Eco-Justice Ministries: an independent, ecumenical agency that helps churches answer the call to care for all of God’s creation, and develop ministries that are faithful, relevant and effective in working toward social justice and environmental sustainability. http://www.eco-justice.org

Planet Friendly – Sustainable Living Guide: http://www.planetfriendly.net/living.html

Climate Action Network Canada: http://www.climateactionnetwork.ca/e

Post Carbon Institute: http://www.postcarbon.org

Maritime Conference Church in Action ENVIRONMENTAL WORKING GROUP: http://marconf.ca/?s=Environmental+Working+Group&x=11&y=3

Alanna Mitchell – Sea Sick: Ocean in Crisis -(20 min) An environmental video by the author of Sea Sick. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crPiV4C_t7k

InterPares  – http://www.interpares.ca  “The name Inter Pares means “among equals” in Latin, and reflects our belief in the equality of people, North and South. Inter Pares was founded … on a commitment to address conflict and injustice …We are also concerned with our role as Canadians in sustaining injustice abroad … – and believe it is our responsibility to address these issues, while also confronting inequality and injustice here at home.”

Common Dreams  (net)http://www.commondreams.org  “CommonDreams.org is a national nonprofit, progressive, nonpartisan citizens’ organization …  We are a powerful online voice for change in America. Our mission:  To inform. To inspire. To ignite change for the common good.”

Gender Diversity: In Nov., 2008 a motion was approved by the General Council Executive, instructing staff in the General Council Office to develop resources to encourage the participation and ministry of transgender people in the United Church. There are some resources available on the United Church Website. http://www.united-church.ca/community-faith/being-community/gender-and-orientation.