2017 Video/DVD Licensing and Your Church

This year Hamilton Conference will be facilitating Video/DVD licensing with Audio Cine Films only. Please contact Ruthanna Mack at ramack@hamconf.org  for an application form.

Audio Cine Films Licenses cover movies from the following companies:

Walt Disney, Touchstone, Hollywood, Cristal Films, Columbia, Equinoxe, Orion, Pixar, Sony and United Artists, MGM Studios and Universal


For licenses with Criterion Pictures:

Please contact Terry Brandwein at Terry.Brandwein@geemedia.com; Toll Free (800) 565-1996 ext. 223


Why does your church need a Public Performance Licence?

You need a licence if you show movies or clips from movies/TV programs for public viewing (unless you are showing ‘live-feed’ YouTube material).

Public viewing includes your church school, youth groups, study groups, worship, or family evenings.

It doesn’t matter whether you own or rent the movie/clip.

The Canadian Copyright Act applies in all cases, even if films are personally owned, brought in from outside sources, obtained from rental outlets, or purchased in retail stores. It applies if films are shown freely, partially, or to small groups, for educational or fundraising purposes. Additional information concerning copyright can be obtained from the Copyright Board of Canada at http://www.cb-cda.gc.ca  or check our  website at http://www. hamconf.org/copyright-issues/